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K2 Skate Men's Fatty Pro Inline Skates, 10, Black-Silver


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K2 Skate Men's Fatty Pro Inline Skates, 10, Black-Silver by K2 Skate

  • Original K2 Softboot
  • The development process for K2's Aggressive cuffs involves huge...
  • For a custom fit, traditional lacing allows you to manipulate the...

Rollerblade Men's Swindler RB Street Skate, Black/White, 10


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Rollerblade Men's Swindler RB Street Skate, Black/White, 10 by Rollerblade

  • Great value with legendary Rollerblade quality
  • All the right goods 2x60mm/90A with 2 anti rocker wheels and fast...
  • Super plush street and park skate at a killer price




  • Chassis: UFS
  • Heel shock absorber
  • Thick foam padded liner

"Y'all Like Skating" Aggressive Skate Wheel (Set of 4)

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"Y'all Like Skating" Aggressive Skate Wheel (Set of 4) by Amall

  • Does not include bearing spacers
  • Set of four wheels
  • Y'all Like Skating: 57mm 90a

Buying Aggressive Inline Skates

Steve, proprietress of InlineSkates. net, explains what you need to know when shopping for Aggressive Inline Skates.

K2 Fatty Pro 2014 - Aggressive.com - Inline Skating

I recently bought some K2 Fatty Pro 2014, I have not skated for over 10 years but unreal getting back into it. I had K2 Fatty Pro's a LONG time ago. These skates seem to make me feel like I am leaning back all the time, I remember feeling this on my old K2's too. Is this normal. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I haven't haggard any of these types of skates, but knowing the profile of the m12 and Fatty I'm asuming it's just the angle of the cuff. Most blades angle the cuff a little bit so that the angle between your leg and the bottom of your foot is a little acute. Some, however, including the Fatty, make this angle a right angle or very close to it. Once you break your blades in this will probably not matter. Hope this clarifies it for you. Source: Everyone's Blog Posts - Aggressive.com - Inline Skating

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  • Seizing The Gravity

    08/05/14 ,via Sports On Earth

    A primer on the deride is in order: Americans may equate the words "roller hockey" with inline hockey, a sport with rules and gameplay similar to ice hockey, but played on inline skates. The billow hockey played at the Barcelona Olympics was a version

  • Neversoft Under no circumstances Got a Chance to Shine

    07/11/14 ,via Hardcore Gamer

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was the defining far-off sports game, influencing everything from SSX to Aggressive Inline to Evolution Skateboarding. With a simple control scheme and level design that perfectly accommodated the massive trick chains, the Tony 

  • В центре Владивостока катаются экстремалы

    08/09/14 ,via Восток Медиа

    Сегодня, 9 августа, на центральной площади Владивостока проходит дальневосточный турнир по экстремальным видам спорта Move your level. Молодые люди показывают свои умения в специально построенном для соревнований 


Back on the #aggressive #inline #skates and in pretty good shape after so long :) #Fun #Friends #Skate… http://t.co/mm6g966k3e 08/08/14, @MmprOrange


  • In-fringe a organize Skating! Get Aggressive

    The Rosen Publishing Group. 1999. ISBN: 0823930122,9780823930128. 64 pages.

    Introduces the jest of aggressive in-line skating, discussing its development, equipment, basic moves, safety tips, and more.

  • Aggressive In-Lined up under Skating

    Capstone. 2004. ISBN: 0736827080,9780736827089. 32 pages.

    Discusses the make a laughing-stock of of in-line skating, including equipment, techniques, and key figures in the sport.


OSC Tips: Where To Buy Aggressive Rollerblades/Sizing

OSC Tips: Where To Buy Aggressive Rollerblades/Sizing
Easier to be familiar with if you put it in full screen. Aggressivemall: http://www.aggressivemall.com Roller Warehouse: http://www.rollerwarehouse.com OTHER SITES: Inli... From: OaklandSkateCrew Views: 938 3 ratings All at once: 04:31 More in Howto & Style

Blader Abbreviate: Happy 20th Birthday, Rollerblading!

It may now be the year of the Poise Board, but professional rollerblading—the way we do it—turns the big 2-0 in 2015. It’s been two decades since aggressive inline skating got its first international audience with the inaugural “Extreme Games.” Yeah, rollerblading in the X-Games exists only in VHS-p ...

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